• Activating Employees in Climate Action

    The Business Council on Climate Change's employee engagement train the trainer program enables your organization to create a customized solution for your employee engagement needs. We provide tools, templates, and guides, in addition to our bi-monthly member company facilitator check-in calls. These calls are a valuable resource sharing and community building space for employee engagement leads.

    "Loved the quarterly planning resources provided - we shared the MyCAP tool with our global Green Champions network as a source of inspiration for sustainability-related event planning. This helps save from us having to find these ideas ourselves.” ~BC3 Member
    “The themed approach allowed me to design my program and then delegate responsibility for executing it, knowing the resources were well-researched and reliable.” ~BC3 Member

  • The MyCAP Framework

    The My Climate Action Plan "MyCAP" framework offers employees a personal approach to climate action. The MyCAP guides employees through a year of targeted goal and intention setting for climate impact and a strategic opportunity to engage employees in the broader scope of any organizational strategy.


    employees to your organization's climate strategy

    We want to make it easy for you to connect employees to your overall climate goals and strategy. Making sure employees feel a part of the bigger picture will help organization's achieve their goals faster

    and more effectively through a team effort. 


    employees in key climate issues

    We want to empower and equip employees with vetted information and resources to help them on their climate journeys.


    employees in climate action

    We want to activate employees in a meaningful way to increase impact.

    Create community and purpose

    through strategic meetups

    We want to ensure employees are connected to each other in this journey so their collective impact is amplified.

  • The MyCAP Tool

    BC3 offers two formats of the MyCAP tool.

    Members-only MyCAP

    For BC3 members, BC3 offers a customizable MyCAP tool to maximize impact for any organization. This version comes with accompanying communication templates and planning resources to make promotion and recruitment as plug-and-play as possible.

    Public MyCAP

    With support from BC3 Member Atlassian, we offer a public version of the MyCAP in the format of a Trello Board. Click the Trello board image for access to the board.

  • MyCAP Meetups

    The MyCAP framework is most effective when paired with ongoing "meetups" to encourage employees to connect with one another in their journey towards climate action. Meetups promote connection through community building and purpose-driven content and resource sharing.

    BC3 Facilitated MyCAP Meetups

    Quarter 1: February, 2021

    BC3 offers facilitated MyCAP meetups for employees within our memership to plug in to. Check out the recording of our first MyCAP Meetup for a sneak peak into the format and the type of content that is shared.


    BC3 also provides tools, resources and facilitation guides for members to run their own internal MyCAP meetups for further impact.

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