• Business Council on Climate Change Calendar

    We host ongoing meetings, member forums, webinars, workshops and special events. As most of our engagements are for members only, we do not share the zoom and calendar meeting information publicly. If you are a member and would like to receive the information for any events listed below, or if you are interested in becoming a member to have access to our ongoing collaborative work, please reach out to Maura McKnight at maura@bc3sfbay.org.

    Sustainability Leadership Calendar

    (members only)

    2023 Recurring Meetings: All times are PST

    • Full BC3 Council Meetings: Quarterly; "middle month" of the quarter; Wednesdays @ 10am - 12pm PST. 2023 Dates: Feb 15, May 17, Aug 16, Nov 15
    • ESG Leadership Calls: Bi-Monthly at 10am PST; 2023 Dates: Jan 11, Mar 8, May 10, Jul 12, Nov 8
    • Carbon Removals Forum: Quarterly at 10am PST; 2023 Dates:  March 22, Jun 28, Sep 5 (Event), Dec 13
    • Supply Chain Sustainability Meetings: Bi-Monthly at 10am PST; 2023 Dates: Feb. 9th, April 13th, June 8th, Aug. 10th, & Oct. 12th
    • All for Reuse Owners Alliance: Quarterly @ 1-2:30pm PST. 2023 Dates: Feb 2, Apr 27, July 27, Oct 19, Dec 4

    Employee Engagement Calendar

    (members only)

    2023 Calls: All times are PST

    • Cross-member Facilitator Calls: Three times a year on the 4th Thursdays @11am PST. 2023 Dates : Feb 23, June 22, Oct 26

    Contact bc3@bc3sfbay.org to learn more and for registration links for these member-only events.

    Public Events

    (open to all)

    Bay Area SunShares Informational Webinars

    BC3 administers the Bay Area SunShares Program, which offers limited time discounts on home storage + solar to Bay Area residents.

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