• Policy

    We produce research and create opportunities for cross-sector dialogue to advance Bay Area climate policy.

  • Current Initiatives

    Global Climate Action Summit

    Preparing for 2018's most important climate event.

    The Global Climate Action Summit, coming to San Francisco in September 2018, will showcase and accelerate aggressive climate action being taken by states, cities, and businesses. BC3 is working with our members to highlight Bay Area leadership and engage Bay Area employees volunteering and individual climate action opportunities related to the Summit.

    We encourage members to share their commitments and announcements on social media using the following hashtags: #StepUpBc3 #GCAS2018

    Briefings with the City

    Facilitating dialogue between public and private sector climate leaders.

    BC3 facilitates regular opportunities for the San Francisco business community to learn about policy initiatives from leaders at the City and County of San Francisco.

  • Past Initiatives

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    City and County of San Francisco Climate Action Strategy Policy Input

    Convening business leaders to offer input on the City and County of San Francisco's Climate Action Strategy.

    The Business Advisory Panel was formed to provide business input to the San Francisco Climate Action Plan (CAP), which was revised in 2013 and renamed the San Francisco Climate Action Strategy.

    Congestion Management Working Group

    Facilitating business community consensus development on congestion management strategies.

    CH2M HILL, in coordination with the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3), facilitated a technical working group to promote consensus development related to congestion pricing and other transportation-oriented strategies that are included as part of San Francisco's climate strategy.

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