• Program Sharing, Development, and Coordination

    We share knowledge about sustainability programs that work and coordinate multi-company or multi-sector partnerships.

  • Current Initiatives

    Zero Waste Working Group

    Cross-company collaboration to achieve zero waste.

    In 2019, BC3 launched a Working Group of 11 member companies committed to reducing waste at their facilities across the Bay Area. The Working Group currently meets monthly and will produce a Zero Waste toolkit for BC3 member companies that will help them reduce food waste, reduce the use of single use plastics, and encourage employee engagement to achieve corporate zero waste initiatives.

    Cross-Company Employee Engagement Campaigns

    Empowering Bay Area residents to take climate action at work.

    BC3 organizes regular cross-company campaigns that engage employees of Bay Area companies in taking climate action. Past campaigns have focused on biking to work and providing opportunities for employees to recycle textiles. BC3's 2017 textiles recycling campaign brought employees from nine companies together to recycle six tons of textiles in two weeks.

  • Past Initiatives

    Climate Resilience and Adaptation Working Group (2018)

    Exploring opportunities for accelerating Bay Area climate resilience.

    In 2018, BC3 launched a Working Group to explore strategies for engaging the private sector in accelerating Bay Area climate resilience and adaptation efforts. BC3 hosted a Resilience and Adaptation workshop for local companies, and the Climate Resilience Working Group explored additional opportunities for learning and collaboration around local resilience and adaptation issues.

    Energy and Carbon Leadership Group (2014-2017)

    Accelerating the decarbonization of the Bay Area energy system.

    Fifteen BC3 member companies founded the Energy and Carbon Leadership Group (ECLG) in order to help each other accelerate progress on internal energy goals, while leading the way in decarbonizing the broader Bay Area energy system. ECLG members shared best practices; engaged in joint policy advocacy and input; made grants to strategic Bay Area projects; participated in energy procurement and strategy workshops; and launched two new, ongoing corporate renewable energy purchasing initiatives. Visit our Purchasing Program page for more information on ongoing projects launched by the ECLG.

    Green Tenant Toolkit Project (2011)

    Overcoming split incentive problems in commercial buildings.

    The Green Tenant Toolkit Working Group was convened by the Business Council on Climate Change and the San Francisco Department of Environment in June 2011 to create a toolkit of resources to facilitate sustainable practices in commercial buildings by enhancing co-operation between owners, property managers, tenants and occupants in San Francisco. View the Green Tenant Toolkit.

    Workplace EV Charging Project (2013)

    Accelerating deployment of EV charging infrastructure in Bay Area workplaces.

    With support from the Full Circle Fund, BC3 launched a working group to develop a guide for installing workplace charging infrastructure and hired a consultant to assist Bay Area companies in installing EV infrastructure.