• Aggregation and Purchasing

    We help companies pool their buying power to move markets and improve the economics of susainable purchasing decisions.

  • Current Projects

    Bay Area SunShares

    Using group buying power to make it easier for Bay Area residents to access solar and battery systems.

    Bay Area SunShares brings together more than 50 large companies and Bay Area cities to offer free education and discounts on solar + storage to all Bay Area residents. Since 2016, the program has resulted in 900+ homes installing 4.5 megawatts of solar throughout the Bay Area.


    To sign up for SunShares and learn more about the program visit www.bayareasunshares.org.

    Joint Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement

    Expanding business access to renewable energy through aggregation.

    As the cost of renewable energy has plummeted, more than 125 major corporations have set 100% renewable energy targets. Yet businesses looking to procure renewable energy still face a major obstacle: only the largest companies have the expertise and economies of scale to access the largest, most economic projects. In response, in 2019, a group of BC3 member companies completed a groundbreaking aggregate Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) deal, which enabled 42.5MW of a 100MW solar farm to be built in North Carolina. This project served as a blueprint for other companies to collaboratively procure renewable energy.

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