Climate-Smart Recovery


    As cities across the globe grapple with the dual public health and economic crises of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are taking bold steps toward recoveries that prioritize urgent climate goals while building stronger, more resilient and more equitable economies. In its statement of principles for COVID-19 recovery, C40 Cities acknowledged that “Climate action can help accelerate economic recovery and enhance social equity, through the use of new technologies and the creation of new industries and new jobs. These will drive wider benefits for our residents, workers, students, businesses and visitors.”


    The Business Council on Climate Change (BC3), a corporate membership-based nonprofit whose members are a major economic engine for the region and employ more than 750,000 people, is committed to helping San Francisco realize this vision of a healthier, more resilient future for the city and the region. San Francisco and its business community have been national and global sustainability leaders, driving innovative economic, technological and policy solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges. To achieve an economic recovery that is rooted in the health and prosperity of all of its residents, the city must continue to prioritize climate sustainability. We applaud Mayor Breed’s endorsement of the C40 COVID-19 recovery principles, and have launched a Climate-Smart Recovery Initiative to help San Francisco and our local business community leverage our collective leadership and expertise to build back better together. Our commitments include:


    1. Continuing to pursue aggressive climate and sustainability goals in our businesses and workplaces, both locally and across our corporate footprints, and sharing successful strategies with San Francisco’s broader business community.

    2. Collaborating with the San Francisco Economic Recovery Task Force to identify climate-smart recovery opportunities and share expertise.

    3. Working closely with the city to address the impact and opportunity of remote working, changing transportation needs, and workforce shifts on the local economy and infrastructure.

    BC3 is currently collaborating with the City and County of San Francisco around the recovery priorities outlined by Mayor Breed's Economic Recovery Task Force (October 2020) and the forthcoming update to the city's climate action plan. Please contact Maura McKnight (maura@bc3sfbay.org) with questions and ideas for collaboration/action.

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