• Carbon Removals

    BC3 has developed a Quick-Start Guide to carbon removal investments, and is supporting members in developing strategies in collaboration with their peers.

  • BC3's Quick-Start Guide to Exploring Carbon Removal Investment

    The time is now to act boldly on climate. Your investors, employees and customers are demanding it. While the carbon removal space is still immature and in many ways uncharted territory - there is a huge opportunity for companies to invest in the innovation required to scale solutions that will help the world meet our global climate goals. The science is stark and it is clear. We cannot meet our global climate goals with emissions reductions alone - we need carbon removals.


    This guide and accompanying toolkit was developed by the Business Council on Climate Change in collaboration with Carbon180, Anthesis, Atlassian and Autodesk. It is intended to help companies and organizations make sense of the dynamic carbon removals market, and start thinking about how to craft a carbon removal commitment.     


    You can download the PDF Guide by clicking on the image above.

    The online toolkit can be downloaded here.